We are a company that was founded in 1992 under the name ARSIK LLC and we are one of the first Albanian companies that operated in the field of kitchen utensils. ARSIK LLC continued its activity for a period of 21 years, being one of the leading companies in the Albanian market. Its activity has been extended throughout the territory of Albania both in the field of household products and in the field of professional products (restaurants & bars, etc.) cooperating with serious companies in the European market. In 2013, EFLO LLC was born from this company, which continues its activity by expanding further with its collaborations with some of the most prominent companies in the European market, such as DUROBOR, UNIGLASS, BORMIOLI ROCCO, PENTOLE AGNELLI, SALVINELLI, PIAZZA, MOTTA , TRAMONTINA etc. EFLO LLC also owns its own brands such as OKILA in the field of household items and BARELO in the field of catering. EFLO is a company that trades wholesale and retail, having its own stores as well as our collaborators in all districts of Albania.